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Graves, Westerman Lead House Republicans’ Demand for Biden to Drop Socialist Policies that Will Worsen Supply Chain Crisis

Washington, D.C., October 20, 2021 | Justin Harclerode (202) 225-9446 | comments
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House Republicans, led by Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Ranking Member Sam Graves (R-MO) and Natural Resources Ranking Member Bruce Westerman (R-AR), urged President Biden today to immediately reconsider radical partisan policies that are making already growing U.S. supply chain issues significantly worse.

In a letter to the President, Graves, Westerman, and their colleagues – 160 House Republican Members of Congress in total – asked him to “call on your Congressional allies to halt discussions on a budget reconciliation bill that aims to reshape the social fabric of this country and instead work on real infrastructure solutions that focus on moving goods and people safely and efficiently throughout our great country and around the world.”

Graves said this letter was necessary to make it clear that Republicans won’t sit by while supply chain issues get worse and the Administration’s priority policies exacerbate the problem. 

“Multiple factors have contributed to the Nation’s supply chain crisis, but one factor that is being overlooked is how the collection of harmful policies being pushed by the President and his party is making matters worse – not better,” Graves said.  “Policies that encourage unemployment and worker shortages, multi-trillion-dollar spending sprees that lead to an inflationary tax increase on Americans, new regulations and prohibitions that drive up the cost of everything including energy, focusing infrastructure programs on socialist ideals rather than actual solutions to infrastructure problems – all of these policies are causing further breakdowns in the supply chain.  The President is telling the private sector to ‘step up’ and fix these issues, but the President needs to lead by example, step up himself, and reevaluate his agenda that is making this supply chain crisis worse.”

“From one self-imposed crisis to another, the Biden administration has proven time and again that it prioritizes special interest groups and partisan wish lists over the needs of everyday Americans,” Westerman said.  “The cascading disasters we’re seeing unfold across our supply chain are just the latest in a series of issues caused by President Biden’s inflationary spending and stifling overregulation.  People are being paid more to stay home than they would make going back to work, and businesses across the nation cannot find employees to man essential operations, from operating trucks to unloading cargo containers.  Burdensome regulations on our domestic producers are also driving up energy prices for families and small businesses.  The upcoming holiday season will only exacerbate this crisis and continue driving up the price of everything from food to fuel.  It’s time for this administration to look in the mirror and see how their policies are decimating our economy.”

Read the full letter from Republicans to the President here.