Committee Staff List

Majority Staff

United States House of Representatives
2165 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone: (202) 225-9446

Chris Vieson, Staff Director
Geoff Gosselin, Deputy Staff Director 
Fred Miller, General Counsel
Holly E. Woodruff Lyons, Deputy General Counsel
Kathy Loden, Parliamentarian
Hannah Matesic, Director of Legislative Operations
Brittany Smith, Director of Member Services
Justin Harclerode, Communications Director
Jeff Urbanchuk, Deputy Communications Director
Nico Alcalde, Staff Assistant
Mike Legg, Director of Travel, Security and Facilities
Tracy Mosebey, Clerk
Mike Twinchek, Clerk
Jean Paffenback, Printer
Larry Whittaker, Systems Administrator, Information Technologies
Scott Putz, Assistant Systems Administrator 

Aviation Staff
(202) 226-3220

Holly E. Woodruff Lyons, Staff Director
Naveen C. Rao, Counsel
Hunter Presti, Professional Staff
Cameron Humphrey, Research Assistant

Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Staff 
(202) 226-3552

John C. Rayfield, Staff Director
Bonnie Bruce, Professional Staff
Kevin Rieg, Research Assistant

Economic Development, Public Buildings, and Emergency Management Staff
(202) 225-3014

Johanna Hardy, Staff Director
Pamela Williams, Counsel
Tyler Menzler, Research Assistant

Highways and Transit Staff
(202) 225-6715

Murphie Barrett, Staff Director 
Nicole Christus, Professional Staff
Jack Meehan, Research Assistant

Railroads, Pipelines, and Hazardous Materials Staff
(202) 226-0727

Denny Wirtz, Staff Director
Thomas Supinka, Research Assistant

Water Resources and Environment Staff
(202) 225-4360

Ian Bennitt, Staff Director
Jonathan R. Pawlow, Senior Counsel
Elizabeth Fox, Professional Staff
Victor Sarmiento, Research Assistant
Peter Como, Staff Assistant 

Oversight and Investigations
(202) 225-9446

Mike Spierto, Professional Staff
Brian Waldrip, Professional Staff