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Duncan Statement from Hearing on the International Experience with Public-Private Partnerships

Washington, DC, April 8, 2014 | Justin Harclerode (202) 225-9446 | comments
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Chairman John J. Duncan, Jr. (R-TN)
Panel on Public-Private Partnerships
Hearing on “The International Experience with Public-Private Partnerships”

April 8, 2014
Opening Statement
(Remarks as Prepared)

This is the fourth event of the Panel on Public-Private Partnerships.  We have investigated public-private partnership case studies, we have looked at the role they play in our highway and transit systems, and we have investigated their emerging role in the delivery of water systems.

We have had good discussions about the benefits public-private partnerships can provide, but we’ve also had frank discussions about the pitfalls and challenges these complex arrangements can carry.

The use of public-private partnerships in this country is fairly recent.   However, many other countries have a much more extensive history of partnering with the private sector to deliver infrastructure projects.

In fact, one of the leading countries is just to the north of us.  Over the last two decades, Canada has become one of the most advanced and active markets for public-private partnerships. 

To date, there have been more than 200 projects that are operational, under construction, or in procurement.  We will hear about the Canadian experience, along with testimony on the global trends in public-private partnerships.

This country can learn from other countries’ experience in how to identify projects well-suited for a public-private partnership, and how to structure arrangements that protect the public interest.

I want to welcome our distinguished witnesses and thank them for testifying today.

Click here for additional information from today’s hearing, including testimony, video, and background information.

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