Press Releases

March 2019
Chairs DeFazio, Larsen Request DOT IG Investigation into FAA Certifying Boeing 737 MAX
Chair DeFazio Announces Whistleblower Webpage
Chairs DeFazio, Maloney React to Coast Guard Policy of Disqualifying Transgender Persons from Service
Chairs DeFazio, Larsen Respond to Grounding of Boeing Aircraft
Chair DeFazio Statement from Hearing on “Aligning Federal Surface Transportation Policy to Meet 21st Century Needs”
Chair DeFazio Statement on Crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302
Chair Larsen Statement from Hearing on "Looking Forward: Aviation 2050"
Chair DeFazio: “Trump budget would shirk federal responsibility when it comes to our nation’s infrastructure”
Subcommittee on Highways and Transit to Hold Hearing to Examine Federal Surface Transportation Policy
Subcommittee on Aviation to Hold Hearing on Future of U.S. Aviation
Chairs DeFazio, Napolitano Statements from Hearing on, “The Clean Water State Revolving Fund: How Federal Infrastructure Investment Can Help Communities Modernize Water Infrastructure and Address Affordability Challenges”
Democratic Chairs Press Administration for Documents Withheld on FBI Headquarters Across Street from Trump Hotel in D.C.
Chairs DeFazio, Maloney Statements from Hearing on, “U.S. Maritime and Shipbuilding Industries: Strategies to Improve Regulation, Economic Opportunities, and Competitiveness”
Chairs DeFazio, Napolitano, Reps. Young, Katko Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Address Wastewater Infrastructure Challenges
Subcommittee on Water Resources & Environment to Examine the State of Our Clean Water System
Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation to Hold Hearing on the State of the U.S. Flag Maritime Industry
February 2019
Chairman DeFazio Statement from Hearing on, “Examining How Federal Infrastructure Policy Could Help Mitigate and Adapt to Climate Change”
Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to hold its First Markup
REMINDER: Chairman DeFazio Announces Full Committee Hearing, “Examining How Federal Infrastructure Policy Could Help Mitigate and Adapt to Climate Change”
Chairs DeFazio and Maloney React to Reports of Coast Guard Lieutenant’s Arrest Amid Plans to Commit Mass Domestic Terrorism