Press Releases

November 2019
Top House Democrats Urge GAO to Conduct Review After Third Major Keystone Pipeline Spill
Following Recent Hearing on the Boeing 737 MAX, Chair DeFazio Presses Boeing CEO for Additional Information About Decisions on MCAS, Grounding the Aircraft, CEO Pay, Boeing’s Legal Strategy and More
Committee Chairs DeFazio and Pallone Unveil Major Pipeline Bill That Will Help Combat Climate Change, Improve Public Safety, and Hold Operators Accountable for Egregious Violations
Chair DeFazio Introduces Legislation to Strengthen Aviation Safety Standards at Foreign Repair Stations
Subcommittee on Water Resources and Environment to Hold Hearing on Promoting Resiliency Through WRDA 2020
Chairs DeFazio, Larsen, Vice-Chair Davids Press Airlines on the Mishandling of Mobility Aids for Passengers with Disabilities
Chairs DeFazio, Titus Statements from Hearing on Smithsonian Institution Facilities
Chairs DeFazio, Lipinski Statements from Hearing on Amtrak
Chairs DeFazio, Titus Introduce Bill to Require GSA to Conduct Audits on Its Leases with Private Parties, Including the Lease for Trump’s DC Hotel
Amid Committee’s Ongoing Investigation into the Certification of the 737 MAX, Chairs DeFazio and Larsen Raise New and Serious Concerns to FAA About Other Safety-related Issues
Chair DeFazio's Statement on President Trump's Paris Climate Agreement Withdrawal Announcement
October 2019
Chairs DeFazio, Larsen Statements from Hearing titled, “The Boeing 737 MAX: Examining the Design, Development, and Marketing of the Aircraft”
Committee Approves Slate of Legislation to Improve Wastewater Systems and Fishing Vessel Safety and Research Grants, and to Designate Nation’s First Responders Day
House Passes Bills From Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Sending Them to the Senate
Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to hold Markup
REMINDER: Full Committee Hearing titled, “The Boeing 737 MAX: Examining the Design, Development, and Marketing of the Aircraft”
Chair DeFazio Responds to Reports Trump Family Considers Selling Hotel in Old Post Office Building
Chairs DeFazio, Larsen Statement on Lion Air Crash Report
Chair DeFazio Issues Subpoena to GSA for Key Documents Related to Old Post Office Lease
DeFazio Responds to Yet Another Attack on the Jones Act by the Trump Administration