December 2016
Over 100 Members of Congress Urge President-Elect Trump to Protect American Jobs and Security, Reject NAI
November 2016
Top Oversight and Transportation Committee Dems Request Briefing and Documents from GSA on President-Elect Trump’s D.C. Hotel Lease
Transportation Democrats to Republican Leaders: Don’t Shortchange Surface Transportation Funding in the Continuing Resolution
October 2016
House Democrats Urge Federal Oversight of New Jersey Transit, Release of Safety Audit
July 2016
DeFazio Urges the STB to Reject Complaint That Would Benefit Companies Using Unsafe Rail Tank Cars
April 2016
Top Transportation Committee Leaders Urge DOT to Deny Norwegian Air Permit to Operate In United States
DeFazio Fights Proposals That Would Significantly Delay Amtrak Train Travel in Oregon
Ranking Member DeFazio and Congressman Cohen Seek Answers to TVA Pension Cuts
March 2016
96 Democrats Request Increased Funding to Protect Drinking Water, Repair Failing Water Infrastructure
Top Democrats Push to Hold Enbridge Responsible For Environmentally Disastrous Oil Spill
January 2016
DeFazio Pushes DOT to Prioritize Critical Oil Spill Response Plans
DeFazio, Norton Urge DOT to Let States Experiment with Alternative Funding Mechanisms for Highway Trust Fund
Top Democratic Transportation Leaders Urge STB to Reject Canadian Pacific Takeover of Norfolk Southern
October 2015
DeFazio Urges ICAO to Ban Transport of Bulk Shipments of Lithium-Ion Batteries on Passenger Aircraft
April 2015
DeFazio Asks DOT to Protect Travelling Public, Push ICAO to Address Lithium Ion Battery Transportation Risks
March 2015
DeFazio Requests Investigation into Crude Oil Transportation and Emergency Response Capabilities
DeFazio Urges Administration to Curb Anti-Competitive Practices By Gulf Carriers
February 2015
DeFazio Requests Audit of Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Programs
January 2015
Ranking Member Peter DeFazio Letter to Secretary FOxx urging DOT to address rail tank car safety & other pipeline hazards
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