Member Designated Projects

The Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure will advance surface transportation authorization legislation later this spring, building on H.R. 2, the “Moving Forward Act,” from the 116th Congress. Members seeking to submit requests for highway and transit designations should utilize the resources below to assist in preparation of project requests and the documentation required. Only Members and approved staff of the U.S. House of Representatives will be allowed access to the secure website to transmit requests to the Committee for consideration. Stakeholder groups with inquiries regarding this process should meet with the Member whose district is home to the project in question.

The deadline for Member Designated Projects has been extended by one week, the new deadline for submissions is 6:00pm EDT on Friday April 23, 2021. 

Hyperlinks for download:

  1. Dear Colleague sent 3/3/2021
  2. Follow Up Dear Colleague sent 3/23/2021
  3. Dear Colleague - Deadline Extension sent 4/2/2021
  4. Member Designated Project Instruction Booklet
  5. Member Certification Form