Media Inquiries

Majority Staff

U.S. House of Representatives
2165 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-9446

​Chris Bertram, Staff Director
Matt Sturges, Deputy Staff Director
Jennifer Hall, Deputy Staff Director and General Counsel
Holly Woodruff Lyons, Deputy General Counsel
Clare Doherty, Director of Budget and Program Analysis
Beth Spivey, Director of Outreach and Coalitions
Jim Billimoria, Communications Director
Justin Harclerode, Communications Advisor
Keith Hall, Digital Coordinator
Kim Urbanchuk, Counsel for Oversight and Investigations
Jason Rosa, Professional Staff
Dennis Wirtz, Legislative Assistant
Mary Mitchell Todd, Legislative Assistant
Collin McCune, Member Services Coordinator  
Isabelle Beegle-Levin, Staff Assistant
Kristen Alcalde, Staff Assistant
Mike Legg, Director Travel, Security, and Facilities
Tracy Mosbey, Clerk
Jean Paffenback, Printer
Larry Whittaker, Systems Administration, Information Technologies
Scott Putz, Assistant Systems Administrator 

Aviation Staff
(202) 226-3220

Chris Brown, Staff Director 
Naveen Rao, Counsel
John Bressler, Professional Staff
Simone Perez, Professional Staff
Hunter Presti, Staff Assistant

Coast Guard and Maritime Staff 
(202) 226-3552

John Rayfield, Staff Director
Geoff Gosselin, Professional Staff
Reyna McGrail, Coast Guard Fellow
George Riccardo, Staff Assistant

Economic Development, Public Buildings, and Emergency Management Staff
(202) 225-3014

Dan Matthews, Staff Director
Johanna Hardy, Counsel
Pam Williams, Counsel
Adam Twardzik, Staff Assistant

Highway and Transit Staff
(202) 225-6715

Murphie Barrett, Staff Director 
Mary Phillips, Senior Professional Staff
Andrew Brady, Professional Staff
Caryn Moore Lund, Professional Staff
Alex Etchen, Professional Staff
Nicole Christus, Staff Assistant

Railroads, Pipelines, and Hazardous Materials Staff
(202) 226-0727

Mike Friedberg, Staff Director
Fred Miller, Counsel
David Connolly, Professional Staff

Water Resources and Environment Staff
(202) 225-4360

Geoff Bowman, Staff Director 
Jonathan Pawlow, Counsel
Tracy Zea, Research Assistant